Journal Podcast

Leziuni Perivasculare Ischemice Retiniene

Ce sunt leziunile perivasculare ischemice retiniene și cum pot fi un detector al bolilor cardiovasculare? Dr.Edmund Tsui si Dr. Mathieu F. Bakhoum dezbat acest subiect in urmatorul podcast. Va dorim auditie placuta!

Reprezentarea femeilor-Incursiune in oftalmologie ca specialitate

Drs. Lori Provencher and Andrea Kossler, author of “Representation of Women in Ophthalmology Subspecialty Societies over 20 Years,” discuss the rising number of women in ophthalmology, persistent inequalities in subspecialty society leadership and awards, and what it may take to achieve gender parity and proportional representation.

Inteligenta artificiala pentru ulcerele corneene

Hosts Drs. Matt Feng and Edmund Tsui interview Dr. Travis Redd on computer vision model performance in diagnosing bacterial and fungal corneal ulcers from his article, “Image-Based Differentiation of Bacterial and Fungal Keratitis Using Deep Convolutional Neural Networks.”

Advanced Retina Implants

Dr. Rajesh Rao dives deep into world of retinal implants with author Dr. Mark Humayun from his Ophthalmology Retina article, “Advanced Retina Implants.” Don’t miss Ophthalmology Podcast Live! at the Technology Pavilion during AAO 2022.

What Glaucoma Patients Are Reading on the Internet

What are your patients reading on their smart phone and how accurate is it? Drs. Drew Carey and Lorraine Provencher team up to answer this question from Dr. Natasha Nayak Kolomeyer as they discuss her Ophthalmology Glaucoma article, “What Glaucoma Patients Are Reading on the Internet: A Systematic Analysis of Online Glaucoma Content.”

Automated Cataract Diagnosis by Deep Learning

Can A.I. out diagnose ophthalmologists? To find out, Dr. Edmund Tsui interviews co-first authors Drs. Tiarnan Keenan and Qingyu Chen on their deep learning models from their Ophthalmology article, “DeepLensNet: Deep Learning Automated Diagnosis and Quantitative Classification of Cataract Type and Severity.” Don’t miss Ophthalmology Podcast Live! at the Technology Pavilion during AAO 2022.